(Post-surgery support)I saw Bea post-surgery and she released a lot of anxiety and tension that had built up in my body from the trauma of the operation. Mentally and physically I felt lighter and it made such a difference to my emotional state. Bea is very patient and understanding so you feel at ease instantly. (EH)

(Physical Trauma) I was first recommended a treatment after suffering from sciatica, this gentle treatment was perfect for my very tender condition and gave me much needed mental and physical relief. Subsequently I visited Bea twice after suffering a head trauma injury, this really helped re-balance, re-order and settle my mind from the shock. (KB)

(Post-partum Trauma): I could feel the shock being released and I could start to process the birth. I left no longer needing to take pain relief which allowed me to breast feed. Couldn't have been happier. (JC)

(Stress): I left minus the aches and stresses I had arrived with and with the realisation that this calm, balanced state of mind is actually how I am actually supposed to feel. It was like a Reset button had been pressed. (RC)

(Anxiety): Thank you very much for a deep and powerful session. I certainly feel the benefits! (JH)

(Post-surgery support): I was suffering from lymphedema following a mastectomy and lymph node removal, and the swelling was very painful. The swelling went down the next day and the tightness of the scar tissue released. (CH)

(Stress): I feel very relaxed and comfortable during the sessions and Beatrice is very good at putting me at ease. (NM)

(New-born): She (9 week-old) slept for 8 and a half hours last night - thank you! (JW)

(Headaches): After one session my throbbing headaches were substantially reduced. By the third they had disappeared altogether and my head felt the clearest it had done in years. (AL)

(New-born): Her colic is much better now and she's sleeping through the night apart from one or two instances which is such a relief -thank you!

(Pre-school): Too good to explain! (4 yr old)

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