Releasing held emotions from the body: This Thing You Do

I'm deeply touched by this beautiful poem from a client about her experiences of CST. Often, Craniosacral Therapy can assist past stresses and emotions to emerge and release, creating a sense of space and enabling us to move forward.

THIS THING YOU DO......          

What is this thing you do - could you heal the world -

give your life up to that?  Not die for but live for


The baby, plugged in for her short life, tiny chest rises and falls

 at the behest of a machine, could you have saved her


Day-lily buds rose-tipped wait for tomorrow

to fulfil themselves.  One glorious day.


She is beautiful, her soft cheeks faintly flushed

rounded,  well-nourished in the womb,  as if robust.


Jasmine, beside itself with blossom and scent

never so lush, never this heady this heavenly.


This babe has not learned to smile yet if smiling is learned,

she has little to smile for, but neither does she cry out.


Bindweed wreaks it's havoc, Convolvulos, fragile

white trumpets bely habit, choke sweetness.


The baby, enclosed, out of reach, no tender finger  

to soothe her day.  Nothing now to hold on to.


Looking up, sunlit splendour of a weeping Plane tree

reminds me, life is magnificent........


this thing you do is love, does the baby remember love

could that love have saved her......


could I have set her free if I had loved her more

if her fate had not been sealed by medical decree........

Fay Avsec     7.2015